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First Post

Welcome my brothers and sisters to a safe haven for the food service workers of the world.

To tell you a bit about myself I'm a culinary graduate, I love food, I love cooking but I'm actually getting out of the field.


Because after four years of working, talking with dozens of people, most of the industry is the same.

Cooks and servers make shitty money, while managers make a ton. Its more about who you know and who you suck up to instead of skill, talent and hard work. And that regardless of that, if you are a cook and want to be a chef, you'll find yourself working way too many hours for not as much money as you think. Doing too much work, usually dealing with corporate BS, to go home, sleep and come right back to do it again.

So you have two choices.

You can either not go into cooking professionally or you can revolt. You can stand up and scream out "I will not put up with this shit anymore." Whether it means quitting for good or making a positive change for yourself.

This community can also be for posting recipes, talking about trends in food, etc. but mostly its for what lj does best, drama. It is your place to full on bitch about your job, pay, customers, employees, etc.
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